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Over the past years the world has seen a dramatic increase in the use of explosives for the purpose of causing harm to both military and civilian personnel. Britannia Security's specialist Explosive Search Dog Teams have been at the forefront of countering this very real threat. Britannia Security has search dogs which are trained to a standard that is based on the insight and knowledge of canine handlers who have been on the front line in combating this threat. This gives our personnel and canines a very real edge when it comes to preparing for future endeavors.

Britannia Security's Explosive Search Teams can be used in a wide range of areas to neutralize the threat of an explosives based attack. Entry point checks, vehicle sweeps, and building searches can be performed as often as necessary to give you and your people the peace of mind necessary to perform their day to day duties without fear. Having Explosive Search Teams on hand has also been a proven deterrent in past conflicts. Knowing that a highly trained search dog stands in the way will often prove effective in dissuading an act of aggression.

The Handlers we employ for Explosive Detection primarily come from prior Military or Law Enforcement backgrounds. These are personnel with proven track records who are capable of achieving their objectives regardless of the challenges that are presented.

The canines used for Explosives Detection go through a rugged serious of tests designed through years of experience to test their abilities to the limit. Our canines have continuously demonstrated their ability to operate in a multitude of environments. Most recently our teams have contributed to the security of the London 2012 Olympics as well as TV events such as Big Brother.

If you require any of our services please feel free to contact us on 0203 432 1180 | 07830 430 357 or simply email your requirments through to admin@britanniak9security.com